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I had the misfortune of using this forwarding service. I bought a laptop via ebay and used their service. Seller sent the laptop at my forwarding address and included an invoice as per my request. Hopshop go however failed to include this invoice while handing over to DHL. Would also like to add that they sent my laptop in a plain DHL box, without giving any proper cushioning to safeguard laptop. I was lucky my laptop didnot break. They however... Read more

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I have used their services a couple times and at both times, they were god awful. I have even written a complain letter to Paypal for promoting and introducing me this service. I guess Paypal is solely after the money and just being irresponsible?? I wish I never known this company so that I didn't have to get myself to deal with them..! And yes, they overcharge, they weigh things so much more than what the actual weight is, for me that's... Read more

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I have noticed after a few packages that have come through customs from Hopshopgo that the weight is never accurate, spoke to people in customs and they even said that there is no way it would that heavy, anyway came to realise that when I do ship I am charged by the weight so I'm guessing for them to get more money out of me they up the weight and charge me more, must be part of there 10% discount yea right, also keep an eye on this com gateway... Read more

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HopShopGo - 15 days late on $300 express shipping. Parcel severely damaged.
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I opened a dispute on Paypal. Since they own Hopshopgo it's likely they will be partial, so I'll probably have to work with my bank. I'm still amazed that Paypal would be involved in such terrible service through and through, super expensive and totally unapologetic for failing to deliver on all counts. To respond to your email: Customs never asked any questions like I said, DHL did. I don't know why they felt they should ask... Read more

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I have 2 packages delivered in my account and I have made my payment on 18 Jan 2011 with paypal. After 2 business days, the package has no sign of shipping out so I asked the colleague what's going on in their LiveChat session and the first colleague told me that it will be shipped out after 2 business day once the payment was made. So I wait and still there's no any sign that it will be shipped out, so I keep logging in their website... Read more

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